As a software technical writer, I have had the opportunity to work on interesting projects with diverse audiences. One of the challenges that I most frequently address is translating highly-technical information from SMEs into easy-to-understand information for novice users. The samples in this portfolio range from friendly and simple explanations for non-technical novice users to highly-technical reference documentation for developers and other advanced users.


cPanel Software Development Kit

While this documentation is always evolving and includes the work of an entire department of writers, I was honored to lead the overhaul and expansion of this content in 2015-2016. The initial phase of this project required the creation of over 1,200 separate documents in the course of about four months.

Challenges included:

  • A limited amount of SME assistance,
  • A requirement to adhere to cPanel’s style guide and Global English,
  • And the sheer volume of documenting six separate APIs, most of which include several hundred separate functions.

We were also given the mandate to ensure that, where possible, the SDK documentation was accessible to first-time developers as well as experienced professionals.

The 2016 STC NY-Philadelphia-Houston TechComm Competition granted this project an Award of Distinction.


2016 STC Summit Proceedings (PDF)

This article accompanied my presentation at the Society for Technical Communication Summit in Anaheim, CA, in May, 2016. The presentation demystified the process of reading code in several of the most popular programming languages. In the conference session, attendees also worked through the process of reading a JavaScript file and using its contents to determine the code’s functionality.


cPanel Blog Posts
While blogging is not one of my primary functions at cPanel, I occasionally post to the blog to relay important information from the Agile teams I work with. I attempt to make my blog posts friendly, with the cPanel brand’s “quirkiness,” while still maintaining technical accuracy and clarity.

A few of my favorite posts:


Site Publisher
The documentation for this project needed to serve two very different audiences: novice end users, and the highly-technical developers who produce templates for those novice end users to use:


What is IPv6? Tutorial Video

This video explains the concept of IPv6, a new Internet Protocol that is currently being adopted to replace the current IPv4 protocol for IP addresses. Because the successful adoption of this protocol is paramount in the hosting industry, ensuring that server owners understand its implications is of extreme importance.