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A Short Post About Author Experience

I’m in a slower period right now, so I’ve been digging deeper into my always-growing, rarely-addressed techcomm book wishlist on Amazon. The first one that I tackled was Rick Yagodich’s Author Experience: Bridging the gap between people and technology in content management. I admit that I purchased this book more out of curiosity than anything else: […]

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Git for Writers: STC 2015 Summit Proceedings

Though I’ve been out of touch for the last few months with a few too many commitments, I was very excited to realize today that the STC 2015 Summit Proceedings were apparently published in July.   The accompanying article for my Git Started presentation begins on page 79, and is in fantastic company with other […]

Required Reading: Support Tickets?

On days when I’m not slammed and nobody needs my help, I have a morning ritual that doesn’t seem terribly common, even though it’s one of the top things I’d list for what makes—and keeps—me good at my job. I spend a lot of time reading support tickets. Not all of them, just the ones that […]

Are We Robots?

Translation needs and content strategy often require us to reuse phrases across documents. More than once, I’ve heard people argue that this stifles the “creative” side of technical writing. There’s an argument to be made, of course, that writers require a certain level of freedom in order to express complex ideas in the most effective way: […]